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    PerlDesk help

    I'm trying to set up PerlDesk to be able to accept incoming e-mails, but have not had much luck. In the admin center under "incoming e-mail addresses", I set [email protected] to go to the support category - but nothing happens. The user is not sent a repsonse, and the ticket never shows up in PerlDesk. Did I miss a step or could someting else be wrong?

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    Taken from perl desk install file:[*] PerlDesk comes with the added ability to manage
    your email communications with customers. Please
    follow these steps to set this up.
    [*] Install the Perl module MIME::Tools
    [*] Open up the include/ and edit the path to
    the config file. And the second path to the lang
    [*] You must setup your mail software (e.g. sendmail)
    so that emails sent to the address(es) of your
    choice are piped through to
    [*] If you are using SENDMAIL you must edit your
    /etc/aliases file, and add a line similar to the

    support: "|/path/to/perldesk/"

    Repeat that line for each address you want perl
    desk to control.
    [*] If you are using EXIM, pico /etc/valiases/domain
    you will need to add the following line:

    [email protected]: |/path/to/perldesk/

    As with sendmail, repeat that line for each
    address you want perldesk to manage.
    [*] BEFORE starting to use your email addresses, you
    need to log in to the admin section of perldesk
    and go to 'Settings > Email Settings' at the
    bottom you need to assign each address you would
    like to use.
    [*] Now perldesk is setup to control your email

    It could be different depending on which mail program you are using??

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    Are you using Ensim?

    If so you need to mount your perl dirs to your chrooted enviroment, I could show you how, if you are using Ensim.

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    Thanks for the posts, I managed to get all of that set up, however it's still not working. No tickets are generated. Any ideas? I'm using CPanel and Sendmail

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    Are you getting any bounce mails ?

    Please go thru your maillog and see that the mail is being properly delivered.

    If you get bounce messages, please post the error what you get here.


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    No mail is being bounced, it is turning up in my inbox and just appears as though PerlDesk never sees it. I checked an rechecked the usual things like paths and permissions, but still no luck.

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    Can you post the content of /etc/valiases/yourdomain here? Let's check it first.
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