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    Hardware: Dual Rackmount Server 4sale

    Dual P3 700
    Intel l4406x+ MB
    18.2 GB SCSI drive
    CD Rom drive

    I believe this to really be a SCSI/raid setup and will look into it.

    2U Rackmount Case with 500Watt power supply
    (this is a Black VA linux case and alone is worth alot)

    I have 3 available, and if there is alot of interest I can prolly get more.

    These servers came from a well known very large company and where sold off after they upgraded.

    More ram is available if needed.

    I would like to get $750 per Unit + shipping, but am willing to "deal"

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    How much RAM max.? How many drive bays left?
    How much per server if I take two?

    Please drop me a mail...
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    I just PMed you, you didnt leave an E-mail

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    I have no pm from you and my email is available if you click on the small "mail" button below my post

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    Check now.....damn your fast.

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