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    shoping cart for downloadables

    I hope this is the proper forum to post this question.
    I have a client who wants to sell a downloadabe product. I have used and have been searching shopping carts but I am not finding one that would allow a downloadable product. This client has physical products as well so a combo solution would be ideal.
    All suggestions and points in the right direction is muchly appreciated.

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    maybe he would be willing to have one built for him? if so, try asking on the job offer forum =]

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    OSCommerce does both!
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    Thanks for your replies,
    I have access to osCommerce but no experience with PHP, I am not so sure this is the program I want to cut my PHP teeth on. I have been all over the osCommerce forum, but I am not finding documentation that is dumbed down enough for me or finding it at all. The 2.1 version is installed already on my server, but I need docs on how to install the add ins (contributions) specifically the "Download Controller."
    Anyone know of any howto's for osCommerce?

    To me PERL is a walk in the park compared to PHP, I know I need to learn to use PHP but my client may not have the time to wait.

    Anyone have first hand knowledge of a PERL Cart that will do this as an alternative.

    Frankly, I enjoy a challenge, and would attempt this PHP if I could get some more documentation, possibly being forced to tackle PHP is the incentive I've needed.

    Also, since I have POS software on my computer and merchants account with my local bank, I haven't used any of the online processing services, which I know vary widely.

    Which would you guys recommend as the best service, economically, and ease of integration and use?

    All advice on these matter is appreciated.

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    Install 2.2 which is easy to install and very stable. You don't need any PHP knowledge to install the download controller, just follow the instructions in the install file that is included. If you can cut and paste you'll be fine.

    OSCommerce is the one for you. If you are good at Perl you can also look at Interchange that has partially finished code in there for downloads but this will be much harder.
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    does your client have only one product to sell? if yes, why does he need shopping cart?

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    2Checkout provides a free simple shopping cart for downloadable products, you may find other shopping carts at their forums
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