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    Only pay for what you use plus GET $5 for Signup!

    Brevig Hosting does not offer preset packaged hosting. Instead, we only charge you for what you actually use. If you're site didn't use much--then you don't have to pay much. Why pay for a lot of resources you won't use?

    No contracts, billing is monthly, and accounts start at $1.98 / month. Plus, all accounts have the ability of hosting multiple domains.

    All accounts/domains come with cPanel 5. For a listing of all the features, visit

    To see what our prices are like, based on usage, visit for instant price calculations.

    Billing is easy. Each month we subtract the cost from your "Funds Account." When your Funds Account gets low, all you have to do is add more money.

    There are no setup fees! In a matter of fact, Brevig Hosting will give you $5.00 when you signup.

    Signup today!

    [email protected]

    $5.00 entered into Funds Account as signup bonus. Money not refunable or redemable for cash.

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    to get an account for $1.98..your site has to only use 1MB bandwidth and 1MB space????????

    and $4.07 for 100MB bandwidth and 5 MB space????
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    this is much expensive than plan...

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    There is a very sophisticated algorithm used. If you notice, however, our prices are more competitive for larger sites. The more resourced used, the cheaper it is per unit.

    The idea of the savings is behind the fact that most people who purchase an account for 10GB bandwidth really don't use that much. There is a large section of people who only use 3MB-2GB of bandwidth a month. Our system is very cheap in comparison to the actual amount paid for a package for such sites.

    It's much cheaper for a person who uses 100 MB bandwidth and 5 MB disc to go with us for $4.07 than to go with a plan that costs $7-15 / month.

    Also, we allow to add multiple domains to that one Funds Account.

    Our system does not oversale resources. The costs we quote with our algorithm cover all of our costs. Hence, we don't have to worry about not being able to provide.

    So far our services have proved to be cheaper for our current customers than what they paid before.

    Hope that clears thing up.

    [email protected]

    Edit: fix a spelling mistake I saw and clarified a point.

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