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Thread: MySQL Very Slow

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    MySQL Very Slow

    Hey guys, my PHP pages without mysql calls load reasonably fast. My server specs are:

    XP 1800
    512mb Ram
    Windows 2000
    Apache 2.0.42
    PHP 4.3.0-dev
    MySQL 3.23

    I guess that's all you need. Memory usage is only at 300. CPU load is only 5%. Could the script be waiting for a connection to the mysql server? Is there such as thing as open slots in any kind of mysql config?

    My sites are handling some decent traffic (about 15k uniques).

    Would upgrading to MySQL 4 help?

    Help is appreciated.

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    it woudl be useful if you could give some info about the db (size, table sctructures) and the queries you are issuing.

    A poorly designed table or query will be slow.

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    Something pretty standard like vbb. Even script which have very simple queries are slow as though they're waiting in line for access to mysql server.

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    Are your key fields indexed? Sometimes when you have a lot of records, MySQL doesn't work very well without them.
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    Also try optimzing all of you tables...

    Just run the MYSQL command OPTIMIZE TABLE `tablename`, tablename2`, `etc`, `etc`;

    Or do it via phpMyAdmin
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