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    Getting a refund from paypal

    I need to get a refund from paypal. I have a service that i paid for and the person is refusing to perform the service and refusing to give a paypal refund.

    How difficult is it to get a paypal refund?

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    Their terms of service make it clear that for virtual services they give no refunds, just for tangible goods!

    That sucks really. How much the merchant owes you?

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    Ah.....that's the case.

    That's why I do not use PayPal.

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    I heard they can cancel your account for charging them back. But how true that is is a question.

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    This is really not fair.

    The merchant owes me $85.00. I'm pretty new. Purchased a server and then decided to have someone take care of it.

    They did 5 days of work and then decided to quit with the money, and they use paypal so no refunds then I guess. Sweet. Guess they waited till the funds were transfered into the account and quit.

    They quit because I wanted to know what was going on with my server. I had the adasity to want to be aware of what was going on with my own box, and apparently that is a move that's beyond the pale so this person quit with my money.

    I don't even know if they were doing a good job, because everytime i asked it was don't worry, I know what I am doing.

    Could be true, but without a bunch of questions how would you know. And you know if you don't ask questions and something goes wrong it's your box, and you get the feedback for it.

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    The CC companies are getting tough with the charges now so it should be noted that more webmaters will use paypal as they do cc and paypal.

    It seems that if a person pays a company direct with credit card they CAN charge back, but if the funds come direct from their paypal account they can't. But again, I am not sure - send them an E-mail and DO tell us who this merchant is!

    Ironically we only use paypal processing...but then we pull no tricks on people!
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    Saw the merchant advertised here.

    I did ask around but did not receive any feedback about the merchant, so I went ahead.

    I wonder if this merchant has done this before?

    I kept getting error messages sent to about the server. I wanted to know what was going on, I asked questions and was told I was secod guessing, and way out of my league.

    I think if you are doing a good job, then asking questions should not be a problem.

    However this merchant didn't think I should be asking questions about the server. (I admit I am not linux or server savvy, thus I hired someone, but not to be cut out of my box and what's going on.) Then to get ripped off.

    I will email you some of the details, not a problem.

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    Post the name of the company, so we know who it is.

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    I'll send you the details.

    Looking back. I think this merchant knows the rules of paypal.

    I hate the fact that someone could just rip someone off like that and really think they are going to get away with it.

    I really want to get my money back, but I hope no one else gets riped off from this merchant.

    They do advertise here in the forums from time to time, people shoud be on their guard. I think with all the things I'm hearing about paypal I should have known better either way.

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