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Thread: .eu domains

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    .eu domains

    I pre registered an .eu domain with 123-reg and wondered if anyone has any idea when .eu domains are going to be launched?

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    "Preregistration" usually is a big scam, at least if you payed for it, as no one is able to guarantee you that you acutally will get the domain.
    Rumors are that you should expect them in the first quarter of 2003.

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    The registry has not been finalized yet - so the startup schedule certainly cannot be accurate...

    Pre-registration is a scam. You cannot possibly be pre-registering a domain name - all you can be doing at this time is pre-registering your change for a domain name using whatever system that the registrar who took your money devises.

    There have been no decisions on LandRush processes, trademark process, etc for .eu domains yet.

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    Ah, thewwitt, you even are after .eu?

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    We do hope to offer .eu when it is officially available. We will not participate in any sort of pre-registration scam however. We have had more inquiries for .eu than any other new TLD, so we do believe that there will be sufficient interest if pricing is reasonable.

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