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    new at this

    We need some recommendation for the best web host for a family just learning the ropes. Our experience is very limited. We have created a free site on GeoCities. We are only dabbling in HTML; we have two programs that create webpages - Microsoft Publisher and Front Page. Our goal is to have a newsletter with a link to our website. We are not planning on selling anything, but will probably include affiliate links.

    Any comments, recommendations would be helpful, unless you get technical! If there's another forum that would be better for us, let us know as well.

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    as far as hosts recommendations go, go with an established host that allows you to upgrade indefinitely - would probably be best suitable for you as they also provide outstanding support.

    other forums that will help you (and i dont like saying it): - they have great resources for beginner webmasters and advanced alike

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    Also - if you don't have a domain name ask around in the domain forum. GeoCities is a great place to start learning web design etc, but not for domains.

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    When searching around for a host, don't worry how much web space they offer. If you only plan to have a newsletter, a few megs should be enough. (That is unless you have several images in your newsletter.)
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    Thanks for the advice!

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