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Thread: Please Review

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    Please Review

    HI ALL!

    I would like you to give me your opinions on my site

    Please note:
    No forms work right now
    Some pages are just repeats of other pages
    and the investment form and employment pages are not up.
    I'm looking for positive, negative, and neutral opinions


    Edit ->Oh yeah! Also tell me about how long it takes to load.
    Jareb Morgan
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    Hi jarebm,

    Your site loaded very quickly for me. I like your site's overall look, but something about it just doesn't flow for me. Your look is unique and I like that. It also seems a little confined by space. While the size works well on almost every page, the hosting plans page is really difficult to follow. By the time I'd gotten to the bottom of the page, I'd forgotten which plan I was looking at and had to keep scrolling back up to the top to compare. I'd also forego mentioning you're unable to provide dedicated servers at this time and remove that page completely. If you feel that has to be stated, maybe you could add a "News" page instead.

    Your links up on top could do with a smaller font and maybe lose the underline. Your site has a trendy feel, but the links seem to take away from it. Same with the links on the left. The underline isn't necessary.

    Again, you have a unique look and that's cool. I think mostly what you need is some balance. Site speed was excellent and your TOS and AUP seemed thorough and in order. In a nutshell, you're getting there. Now you just need some fine tuning.

    Good luck.

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    Very nice, but the font can be a little hard to read

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