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    Using Cpanel TO copy domains

    Has anyone ever encountered any problems with multiple session of copying from one server to another. I am using the copy script from cpanel to move accounts around from servers to server and to speed it up i have created 4 sessions for it. Anyone have any problems with doing that ?

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    Why not just be patient and make sure that there are no problems with the moving of accounts, as this is very important. I would not try and rush through this if I were you.

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    As said above by Steven, I would try not to rush this. By making multiple sessions I would imagine this may create some load problems on the machine, as for actual errors with CPanel - I couldn't tell you. However sometimes the account copier messes up MySQL users - so check those
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    I have used the copy function quite a bit and I would not recommend running multiple sessions on the same server pairs.

    The reason for this is there is a chance that both sessions could be creating an account at the same time both would try to write the httpd.conf file at the same time. This could cause one of the new accounts could turn up missing in the httpd.conf file as one extreme example. Also depending on the size of the sites the server loads could get high during the gzip portion.

    Just take your time with one session, it actually moves pretty quick.

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