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    Yahoo & Dmoz Expired Domains

    Script features:
    • Can check BOTH Dmoz or Yahoo for expired names.
    • Results are sent to you as soon as a domain name is found!
    • Search from 10 to 10,000 of yahoo directories
    • Make money registering and selling established domain names!
    • Make money by having your own membership site*
    • An invaluable tool for Internet marketing and promotion!
    • Results can be sent to mulitple addresses, so you can run your own membership site. and make $$$$
    • Extremely easy to install.
    • Can be run multiple times at once!
    • Only find FRESH expired names instead of digging for old names.

    Add this as a bonus service to your customers!
    *An example of how to run a membership site is, you charge your members a monthly fee, and you enter their email address into the list, the script will send all members in the list a copy of the email whenever an expired domain is found. how easy is that?

    This script can be set to search DMOZ OR Yahoo for expired names, simply specify which engine you want to search in the setup file, and the script will find the name in that engine.!!!

    Although the script is extremely easy to setup (only need to change 3 variables and your done), we do provide free installation if required.

    Example of email -(actual expired name)

    ------YAHOO EMAIL

    The Following domain is expired from Yahoo!
    Title......... Robert, Monique
    Position...... 527

    ---------DMOZ EMAIL

    The Following domain is expired from Dmoz
    Title......... Imagicorp
    Position...... 101


    Script Requirements.
    At least perl 5.00
    LWP Socket
    LWP UserAgent

    Price: $95

    email [email protected]

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    Gosh - what does this consume re data transfer?
    David Heremans
    a service provided by

    ** We offer support in English, Dutch and French.

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    data transfer? not much...for last month..I used up approx 50MB on a server that hosted this script...

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    really? Just 50MB? I would think it would be a lot more than that, given that you have to download queries from Yahoo and DMOZ over and over and over. Going 24 hours a day, 7 days a week I would have assumed it would have done a lot more damage.

    hmm, interesting.


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    Actually, that's a bad assumption on my part that you had it run 24/7.

    To get that figure of 50MB traffic used last month running that script - how many days/hours did that run and how many domains did it find?


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    the script didnt run 24/7, it runs for about 7-8 hours (approx time it take to complete)..and it finds about 10 (average) new names a day... the complete cycle of the script checks 43000 names...

    hhmm..wait a using CPANEL..and on the info says that i use 29MB...but in the log says 27MB a day...

    see confused....explain to me what that means
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    Although it might not use alot of bandwidth... when users run scripts like this the load average usually jumps.

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    Could always grab one of those fdc boxes and throw it on there....
    Jordan Bouvier

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