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    * IBM+Dialtone+0 Setup fee=

    For everyone:

    Designed with reliability and cost effectiveness in mind, our High Performance Solutions are made for demanding e-business applications. IBM xSeries 330 and 340 servers bring the reassurance necessary, Dialtone Interland offers pre-configured single and dual CPU configurations that raise the bar on availability:

    Would you like to know when your server is going to crash or the possibility of any system failure in advance no available in any other servers White-Box etc...


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    why did Dialtone switch from allowing customers to pay a onetime fee for upgrades to now requiring a monthly fee for upgrades?

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    It was company decision but if you are a long time customer you can have it, as you may know Dialtone-Interland customers are our first priority so rules can be bend,

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    Probably when Dialtone got bought by Interland
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    Can we half the price for the current bandwidth instead of doubling the bandwidth for the current price?=]

    IF so, I am very interested.

    I would like to talk with you but so far have not seen any reps online (via site) or your ICQ.
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    I'm sure we can work out some for you, specially if you want to order a new server for your business, still you can contact your sales-representative for any of your needs,

    Please call me tomorrow,

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