, which I made the major mistake of ordering 2 servers from last month (I was desperately in need of 2 windows servers cheaply), has tried to charge me $150 for "excessive bandwidth usage" because one of my servers has averaged 70kbps, on a package that supposedly comes with 15 GB transfers/day, 450 GB transfers/month.

Yes the bandwidth was terrible and I have already put in a cancellation for that server (which they have not acknowledged, but they have pulled the plug on that server before the 1 month that I paid for initially was up).

Anyway, as everybody knows, 70kbps average transfer translates to a total bandwidth usage of about 1/20 of 450 GB (which is equivalent to almost 1.5 megabits average). They are trying to tell me that 70 kbps average transfer pushes 680 GB/month, and therefore I have incurred this outrageous excess usage fee. This is not even counting the fact that the server is routed so badly that 30 kbps of that is just "background packets", that show up in MRTG regardless of whether there is any activity going on with the server at all.

If anybody has had any similar experiences, or has any advice on what I can do about and their fraudulent activites, please contact me by email or PM, or post your experiences here.