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    looking for a partner


    Soon I am having two top servers colocated in top data center, locally (Washington, DC).

    I have an unique concept in webhosting and targeted to a big ovesea market. The opportunity is huge.

    I came to USA 12 years ago. For my business and career, I am thinking about relocating back to the foreign country where I was born.

    So I need a business partner in US, who can operate from his location/home.

    what I am looking for,

    1. a man of integrity, honesty and keep his words.

    2. business experience preferred.

    3. technical, at least linux experience, is preferred.

    4. I have invested all the hardware and colocation expense. So I do not need any capital, though if you have money to put in, it would be an advantage.

    5. I need to get to know my partner well, including related background, experience, etc.

    6. I expect to give the partner about 10% or less of the owenership.

    please email me at: [email protected]

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    Not to detract from this post but 10% or less doesn't look like a big thing to go jump on. Of course they didn't pay any capital but if they do have capital and it is an "advantage" then you need to reconsider that 10% mark. Just my 1/50th of a dollar.

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