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    * Returned in Design Style!!

    We at Chewnet are putting the finishing touches to our new and improved site! Just before the finishing touches are added, we'd like to offer our design services at these "amazingly low" prices, before putting them back up to more "sensible" figures.

    We hope to have the complete site ready within about a week now, totalling the whole development time to 5 long hard weeks!

    Anyway, for this last week, I'd like to offer these prices for our fabulous design services.

    Custom Template Designs - $120
    Logo Designs - $35
    Banner Ad Designs - $50 for a full set of 4: 468 x 60

    Payment can be made by both paypal or credit card.

    Remember, only 1 week, so get in those orders now!!

    Best Regards,
    Leigh Hewitt
    Chewnet Web Services
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    Leigh, I really enjoyed seeing your small business growing.
    At first you were a small inexperienced design company, and now you are slowly turning into a multi-employee solid business.

    Good luck


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    Yes indeed. A true talent and we will in the future be using Leigh's services again.

    Congrats and well done.



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