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    i want to be new reseller ,but....


    i want to be a reseller
    but i have no experienced as reseller ,i want you folks to give me some advise.

    i'm not sure how many people are available for one server.

    what about this server ? generally how many people are availble? (i know it's depend on customer ,but please tell me in general)

    i think i'll give my each customer
    100MR or 200MB webspace
    at most 1GB bandwidth

    200 or 300customers are available on this server?
    (i wont let them use heavy cgi or any other programs)

    i already have 2 servers now.
    one is

    FSC 1200 Dedicated Server
    Celeron 1.2 GHz Processor
    512 MB ECC RAM
    60GB IDE Drive
    Red Hat/FreeBSD
    300GB bandwidth

    how about this server?
    how many people are okay? tell me what you think generally.

    Dual P4 1.8 GHz
    1024 MB ECC RAM
    80GB IDE Drive
    Red Hat/FreeBSD
    300GB Actual Transfer

    from japan


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    Sounds like you wont get many clients=)
    Marcus Brown

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    100-200 MB with 1 GB?

    Sorry if you want to sell something you should give CGI-BIN and PHP and also 5 GB for 200 MB and 2-3 for 100 MB.

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    Im not to sure what you mean. You want to become a reseller or offer a resellers type account on your servers? I presume the latter as you already have your own server(s).

    If you intend to offer resellers account, you are going to have to offer a lot more then 200mb space/ 1 gig bandwidth. Look at what other competitor resellers are offering. (We offer 1 gig space/ 15 gig bandwdith and 2 gig space/ 25 gig bandwidth, for our resellers, to give you some idea)

    As for server load, you should not fill a server to its full limit. Maybe around 75% capacity. (Varies from host to host)


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    If you're planning on offering "Reseller Accounts" please do a little more research, offer the necessary features, and provide your resellers with superior support.

    I wouldn't recommend loading the servers up, we try and keep our servers at 50 to 65% capacity, it allows us to upgrade our reseller accounts without any problems.
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    bandwith / space = users for highest plan
    Lets say you have 150,000bw/10,000space = you can have 15 users with 650mb space and 10gigs of bandwith... Now take that and cut it into 1/5, 1/4th and 1/3rd and you have plans... Make sure you have ATLEAST 4gigs of bw per 100mb
    You have to realize that people need high bandwith.... If they upload 100mb of stuff, that takes up 100mb of bandwith... Then when peope download that 100mb file only 9 others can on your plan.

    Also no cgi or heavy programs = not many -higher- paying people are going to pay for it....Actually not many people PERIOD are going to pay for it, unless you're looking for personal sites.

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    Originally posted by
    If you're planning on offering "Reseller Accounts" please do a little more research, offer the necessary features, and provide your resellers with superior support.
    Hi Toshi,

    I'd also recommend fine-tuning who your target customers are so you can identify any specific needs they have that might not be met by other hosts/resellers. If you can create a unique value proposition for your company, you'll look far more appealing to those target customers from the start.

    Best of luck!
    Shirley Siluk Gregory
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