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    Nameserver Question...

    Okay. So I want to setup a Nameserver on my new dedicated box (authorative) and use another one off site for ns2.

    Correct me if I'm wrong here...
    Can I not run my own domain ( on my own nameservers? (,

    If so, how?
    The way I assume it is that if you're running your own domain on your nameservers, and your NS records are on your nameservers, and you give internic your nameservers to query, where does it get the information to know what IP my nameservers are on to get the nameserver information?

    ^--- Information overload? I think so!

    Anyways, any nice thoughts on this would be appreciated


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    When you create your nameserver records at Internic (through your domain registrar), you give them them the IP address of your nameservers which you received from your service provider.

    There is nothing in the way that the DNS works that won't let you service your own domain.

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    I use to service , so yeah you can do it
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    Of course you can do that but I would suggest you to create your nameserver first and wait for it to resolve. Then point your domain to your own nameserver so your domain won't be down while waiting for it to resolve

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