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    An answer is greatly appreciated

    Hi! We all know those "make-money quickly" scams and the annoying ads. I really want to know what do they make you do once you sign up with them? Sell stuff? Send Spam? Both?

    If you have to sell stuff, what do you usually sell? Books? Pills? Cell Phones? I am really curious, because I cannot believe that there are people who fall for it!

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    There are an infinite number of scams. Ranging from stuffing envelopes at home to make $38383853939 a week to (oddly enough) becoming a billionaire by buying a $20 a year reseller account on Ebay. Depends on what their angle is, I guess.

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    i know how a couple work:

    the stuffing envelopes: the ad says you could make thousands doing it. what it doesn't say is that it requires you to pay a fee to "buy into the program" and that there is never a guaranteed minimum number of envelopes you'll need to stuff. also, they'll usually require you to purchase your own materials....

    the "get rich quick by selling" scheme usually goes like this:

    scum: "hey buddy, how'd you like to make thousands of dollars selling your friends long distance phone service"

    unsuspecting victim: "hell yes! how do i do it????"

    scum: "all you have to do is sell LD to X number of friends and you could make $1K. <insert distracting ramble here> once you sell it to them, all they have to do is sell it to X number of friends and you get paid. easy as that we'll even give you your own website to expand your market globally!"

    UV: "Wowee! I want to get started right now."

    scum: "Great! all i need is your life savings!"

    and that's how the story (usually) goes....

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    i saw one where all you had to do was get 3 friends under you...well before you get the prize (a p4 2ghz laptop or something) all your friends have to get 3 under them seven levels down...the catch you have to buy some ebooks for $5...i calculated it up and the people before they gave you a laptop would make around $5000
    -Robert Norton

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    Painting by numbers.

    There was one, where you had to send 50 quid or whatever and you got sent a set of 'paint by numbers'. Now what you had to do was colour these things in and send them back off.

    Now, you only got paid for the ones that were accepted, and off course, none of them were accepted.

    The humiliating part of this, is the fact that the participants have sat there and spent hours filling these darn things in. I do feel sorry for people who fall for these type of things.


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