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    Cool Site5 is hiring! Sales/Customer Service Rep Needed. position openings – Sales and Customer Service Representative

    Site5 is currently seeking a Sales and Customer Service representative to work in our sales and billing departments as well as work with hardware distributors and outside contractors. Schedule would be five days a week, Monday through Friday. This position is paid on a contractual basis (Form 1099).

    Job Benefits
    · Work from comfort of you own home
    · Friendly, goal-oriented workplace with plenty of job growth
    · One of the web hosting sector’s fastest-growing and most respected companies
    · Competitive wages

    Customer Service Representative Skill Requirements

    · Excellent public relations, sales and communications skills a must
    · Must be proficient in the areas of English, writing and telephone communication with a good knowledge of the web hosting industry
    · At least one year’s experience in sales, billing or customer service
    · Ability to work with hardware vendors and third-party distributors
    · Ability to work with potential clients in a fast and friendly manner

    The following skills are not required, but would be helpful:

    · Previous experience with Cpanel/WHM (either as an end-user or administrator).

    Position Details

    Our Sales and Customer Service Manager is a multi-faceted position that handles many tasks in the areas of customer service, billing, purchasing and sales. This position will have the following responsibilities:
    · The main responsibility would be the handling of pre-sales support, which includes answering pre-sales inquiries via our online support ticket tracking system.
    · The handling of billing issues including, which includes refunds, credit card charge backs, late payment reminders and working with our in-house billing database.
    · Communicating with current customers to learn about service satisfaction levels, any additional needs that they might have, and anything that would make their Site5 experience more enjoyable.

    General Information

    As stated above, this position is contractual: 40+ hours a week. Applicants need not possess all of the skills listed above to apply. More important than the applicant’s current skill set is the applicant’s ability to learn new skills quickly. Good interpersonal and communication abilities are the most important criteria for an applicant. Previous employer references are preferred, but not required—we are willing to consider all applicants.

    · Applicant must provide his or her own PC and Internet connectivity—this is not provided by Site5.
    · Applicant may be required to field phone calls (an available phone line during his or her shift is all that is required for this).
    · If you have special scheduling considerations, please let us know up-front.

    To Apply

    Simply send an email to [email protected] and be sure to include the following information:
    · Full name
    · Additional contact information (phone, ICQ and/or AIM)
    · A resume or a similar list of skills, experience and qualifications.

    We would like to thank all applicants in advance for their interest in Site5. Good luck!

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    Would this be a normal 9-5 job, or do you have a 24/7 sales department?
    -Mat Sumpter
    Director, Product Engagement
    Penton Media

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    The job is pretty much a standard 9-5 style shift, but the hours are flexible.

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