Hiya there,

SBYWEB has updated again on its prices and features. Our new server Safari is ready for use, and we want you to be the first on it. Check out the plans and prices at www.sbyweb.net or check out the prices below.

Bandwidth & Network Info

Verizon™ & CTSI™ OC192 Fiber (RBOC/TELCO)
PPL Telcom™ 2GBPS Fiber (RBOC/TELCO)

Sprint™ & AT&T™ OC3 Connectivity
MCI™/Worldcom™ DS3 Connectivity
Cogent™ 100MBPS Metro Fast Ethernet

Cisco™ 12008 Border Router w/Hotswap
Cisco™ 7206VXR Core Routers
Redundant BGP Routing on Diverse Path Fiber

Shared Hosting

100 MB Space
5 GB Bandwidth
$6.00 -- 3 mo.

250 MB Space
10 GB Bandwidth
$13.50 -- 3 mo.

500 MB Space
15 GB Bandwidth
$8 -- 1 mo.

1000 MB Space
20 GB Bandwidth
$14 -- 1 mo.

1500 MB Space
30 GB Bandwidth
$21 -- 1 mo.

Reseller Plans

500 MB Space
8 GB Bandwidth
$7.25 -- 1 mo.

1000 MB Space
15 GB Bandwidth
$14.25 -- 1 mo.

2000 MB Space
30 GB Bandwidth
$28.50 -- 1 mo.

3000 MB Space
40 GB Bandwidth
$41.75 -- 1 mo.

5000 MB Space
50 GB Bandwidth
$55 -- 1 mo. This is a special. This can not be customized.

Dedicated Servers

Server -- P4 1.4 GHz P4 -- 512 MB Ram -- CPanel/WHM
60 GB Space
300 GB Bandwidth
$400 -- $400 setup.

Contact Us

www.sbyweb.net is the site
http://forum.sbyweb.net is the forum
http://helpdesk.sbyweb.net is the helpdesk

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AOL ::: sbyweb2 ||| sbywebs ||| sbyweb3 ||| sbyweb4

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E-Mail ::: [email protected]

ALL-PLAN Features

CPanel 5.xx
IMAP Support
MYSQL, PHP, CGI, JSP, HTML, Perl, Java, XML, all supported scripting languages.
Chili soft ASP Coming Soon
FrontPage Extensions
Search Engine Submissions
Full FTP Access
ImageMagick Installed Module
E-Mail Manager
POP3, SMTP, and Webmail Access
Custom Error Pages
Cron Jobs
Raw Log Access
Password Protected Directories
Daily Backups
WebBased Statistics (3 Different Programs)
File Manager Online
Secure Telnet Access
SSH Unmetered SUBdomains
Unmetered MYSQL Databases
Unmetered E-Mail Accounts
Unmetered Auto-Responders
Unmetered Forwarders
Unmetered Blockers
Unmetered Mailing Lists
Unmetered FTP Accounts
Unmetered Pre-Installed CGI Scripts.
Unmetered Domain Add-Ons
Unmetered Domain Pointers
Unmetered Domain Forwarders


--Limited Web Host Manager Access to setup accounts, and limit there features.
--Customizable CPanel Skins, you find it, and we install it. If its not free, you have to pay for it.
--Phone Support

Add-Ons and Extras & Discounts

100 MB Space -- $.50 monthly
1 GB Bandwidth -- $.75 monthly

Dedicated IP Address
$2 monthly $5 setup fee

Custom Nameservers
$2 monthly $8 setup fee

Not-For Profit Discounts
With proof, 10%

Paying Months in advance.
Per month in advance, 1% more off.

Domain Registration
$15 per domain for most.

I certainly hope you'll consider our offers, and have a great day,
Joshua Brown
President of SBYWEBS.
phone: 16107976770