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    this is a fun site

    well, it's not quite done yet. but if i could get some feedback that would be great.

    thanks everyone...


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    It's a nice site, the audio over the menu links I couldn't quite hear exactly what they were saying until I really listened closer, but it's a good site, if you could get the audio clearer that be great, but overall the site is good....

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    Not bad. It's nice, clean, and original. Well done!

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    Sweet! I love it! Good concept. Also love the motion in the intro!

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    I like it .. but most of the pics have scattered pixels around them because of the quality/format it was saved in..
    other than that.. very nice

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    Flash intros are pointless except in specific target client groups, or dedicated followers.

    Audio a no-no, except with example music. The voice with the menu options is pointless and overlaps, making quickly incoherent and frankly annoying.

    Overal design is fairly nice, tho'. Try to enable wheel mouse, if possible.

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