Hello all, I was just interested in whether or not any hosting companies would be interested in partnering with a development firm.

I see many hosts on the web today that just offer web space, and many other options, but not often web development.

We were interested in giving hsoting companies a percentage (15%) of the total development cost, just for referring their new sign ups to us: XFweb ~ http://www.xfweb.com/


My other offer is to anyone that has a friend, or a family member, or anyone for that matter.. who is just looking for a web site.

If you refer them to us, XFweb will pay you $75 for the first referral, $100 for the second, $125 for the third, and $150 for every referral there after.

It's a great opportunity, you won't even have to do the selling, just put in a good word for us and hand us the lead.

Please let me know if you are interested! My email address is [email protected]

Have a great weekend everyone!

Michael A. Merlina