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    * Tell us , What's missing

    Well here is the first draft of a new design , so it's not a final product and I feel it's just missing alittle edge and color or well I dunno.

    If you have any suggestions please make them , if you don't like something tell us why Just don't say this sucks or that sucks , please explain your positition.

    Look forward to some feedback , keep in mind this is work in progress and not final.

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    It's not too bad, but it looks kinda tight. The text is very close to the images, the links are right on top of each other ... there's not much white space around it anywhere (besides around the outside). I'd space the middle out a little more and maybe scale down the opacity of the numbers behind the packages at the bottom, I think a little more subtle would be better.
    Kevin Hauge
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    Nice design concept, however, the colors are a bit odd (possibly because of the image optimization). For example, the torqoise (sp?) on the color of the numbers needs to be changed to something more 'professional'.

    I would also recommend to outline the Order Now text to a higher degree. Users might miss over the button or text.

    Other than that, nice use of the login/pass and logo design.

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