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    More unbelievable issues with imHosted

    I accidentally deleted some tables in a database and asked for a restore to be done from their daily backup. After having to send multiple requests to support just to get a response, here's the exchange that has occurred so far.



    There was a database on my site named "avenue_mistgate" that had all the tables in it deleted accidentally

    yesterday. Would you please restore this from a backup from any time from Friday, Sept 27th to Monday, September

    30th? Thank you.

    I have placed the mysql backup. Please check whether everything is working fine now. I could only find a monthly

    backup for your database. The weekly backup did not have any data, as far as the database "avenue_mistgate" was


    The restore that was performed isn't working.According to the features listed on your website, there should be a

    daily backup available. I need to have it restored from any one of the days within the date range that I specified

    in my original support request. Thanks!

    I have re-checked it. The back-up is restored. Could you please see if its working now. We are sorry about the

    monthly back-up. Thank you.

    The backup has not been restored from within the date range requested. Any backup within the following date range

    is acceptable: Friday, Sept 27th to Monday, September 30th. Thanks.

    I have replaced the old database with a new one. I unzipped the back-up and restored it. It should work now. Can

    you please see if its working.

    I can see that the tables are restored, but I can't tell if the in each table is restored because the tables are

    flagged as "in making them inaccessable to me. I'm guessing it might have something to do with permissions, but

    I'm not sure. The "in use" flag shows up when I try to view the tables using PhpMyAdmin. Thanks again for your


    You were correct, there was a problem with the files' permission. have corrected it now. Please let me know if you

    have any issues your end so that we could be of your help.

    The last change seems to allow everything to work properly, but the database was still not restored from within

    the date range I requested. It seems to have been restored from September 1st. The backup needs to be restored

    from within the following dates: Friday, Sept 27th to Monday, September 30th

    We checked our server for the backup of the database that you specified. But that was the only backup that we have

    with us. The monthly and the weekly database that we have at the moment is the same. I am afraid now there is

    nothing that we can do on this matter. If you have the backup with you, please upload it. We shall restore it for

    you. Hope this helps.

    Your website states that you do daily backups. ( Why can't my data be

    restored from a daily backup?

    We could not find the backup for the database for those specified dates. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused

    from our side. As of now , we have only the weekly backup which was updated on 2nd Oct . Please let me know

    whether you have that backup with you. We shall restore it for you.

    What do you mean "You can't find it?" How do you "lose" a backup?

    Your website claims you do DAILY backups. That means you should have a backup for every single day, not every

    week and month. Every DAY.

    Why is this such an issue? I just want the data to be restored from within the date range that I specified.

    That's not complicated. One of the main reasons I chose your service was because of daily backups. I now wish to

    use that feature.

    Please restore the tables per my original request.

    Thank you.

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    Hi Dlgilbert,

    I'm sorry to hear your accident.

    Maybe imHosted is doing a daily backup, but due to space concern, the backup file is rotated and the old ones might be deleted?

    The best way, is to get the database backup manually if possible. I believe you can request a cron job that will dump the database to your directory where you can download it for your backup.

    Accident does happen though ...

    Best Regards,
    Reyner N.
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    I have no doubt they rotate backups, but I was requesting a backup from less than 2 days before the accidental deletion. I have since done my own backups of the data (and should have in the first place), but that doesn't excuse them from "losing" a daily backup from 2 days before.

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    One more reason to do your own backups instead of always depending on your hosts.. I am not saying there answer in any way is acceptable but if I had something of that much importance to me I would do my own backups..

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    Definately. Fortunately, the missing data isn't going to destroy my company or anything. It's just a royal pain... aggravated by the fact that my webhost misrepresented their features.

    From now on... my own daily backups. :-)

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    Oh... daily backups and a new webhost.

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