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    Beautimous hosting template for auction!

    Index page | Inner page

    Comes with:
    - Original PSD file, complete with layer sets and slices.
    - HTML for main page and an inner page.
    - Header graphics for all menu links and any others you desire (for example, the "about us" graphic on the sample inner page).
    - Seperate CSS stylesheet.
    - Fonts used.
    - Customization (logo, links, plans, etc, within reason)
    - 3 months of support, if needed.
    - Full ownership (will not be resold)

    This one's going auction-style.
    - Starting bid is $50.
    - Increment is $5.
    - Buyout is $125.
    - Bidding ends Wednesday, October 9, 2002 at 5 p.m. Eastern time.
    - Payment via paypal.

    A couple of notes: If you don't like the white lines seperating the image on the index page, they can be removed. Also, you can have an overall color change (for example, if you wanted all the blue stuff to be green instead) for an additional $15 fee.

    I look forward to your opinions.

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    high quality hosting template
    I like it

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    erm double post
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    high quality hosting template
    I like it

    lol, serious though, nice work!

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    Very nice a professional hosting template!

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    Excellent work!

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    Thanks, all.

    So far I have a bid for $50 via PM.

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