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    Gaming site needs a review

    Ok its not completley finished etc, but what do you think of the progress so far site here

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    very nice the "UKHS" logo is a bit weird though (yucky b&e) looking good though...
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    little low on content for a gaming site? .. are you gonna use right side for more navigation?

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    Hmmm, nice, but could use some rollovers. kinda empty, and the top image is quite frankly, disgustingly dithered. Nice, doom, duke nukem and halflife.

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    The last two posts read what he stated its still in progress. Of course its going to be empty its in progress.
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    Yeah please put some content up there before we can make a good review. The template is a little bland for a game site also.
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    Red face my review

    i think your site could use a little more color. right now it's more on the cool side, maybe a little orange, red or yellow would add a little contrast.

    The top banner could be organized a bit better. Right now it looks as if the elements are in their own space, no overlapping, no dimension. The dimonds on the left side doesn't really look like it has a purpose.

    The VKHS logo could be improved by having the 'VKHS' be bigger than the word 'gaming', right now it looks like the two are too similar in size and are competing for attention.

    Also, too much stripes.

    thanks for sharing,
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    I like the colors.

    They catch the eye right away. It's a good luck. There are some empty spaces, but it's coming along nice.
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