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    Trade 3Com Hub/UPS's for 1U Server

    I've got 1 3Com Superstack II 10/100 12 port (manageable I think) Hub, (Model # 3C250A-TX/I) and (2) 3Com Superstack II Advanced Redundant Power Systems (Linky to 3Com).
    Feel free to ask any ?'s about these.

    I'd like to trade all of this to someone for a 1U, Decent spec server (no hosting, just hardware for hardware).

    I got all of this at a Business Liqudation Auction in town and all have been tested and work. I figure if you wanted this stuff new, You'd have to pay well over a couple grand (the UPS's are around $1500 retail a piece).

    If I put it on ebay I would end up just buying a server anyway so I might as well make a deal. Eh?


    P.S. I'm looking for a P4, P3 Xeon, or AMD 1600 (or more) with a decent Mobo (ddr ram hopefully), BUT! Tell me what you have and I'll think about it (hell if you had 2 older servers I might think about it). You can email or PM me if you really want to.
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    Well, someone just pointed out that no one wants these on ebay (they never sell).

    So I guess no one will trade for them.

    If anyone wants them, make any sort of offer.

    I only paid $50 for all of it so. . .
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    Did you Try Ebay?

    Infinet Hosting

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    I hate ebay. I might list them there though.

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    3Com Superstack II Advanced Redundant Power System

    Those are NOT selling for 1,500.00 a peice, they go for like 500-600 retail.

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