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    * Colocation service Started at $79.95 with 3mbits connection (960GB/monthly transfer)

    We right now running this unbeatable deal. Please visit
    email [email protected] for more info.

    Also check out Dedicated Server Deal!

    Colo A $79.95/month
    unlimited transfer
    Capped at 3Mbits (960GB/month transfer)
    1 ip addresses
    no setup fee

    Colo B $149.95/month
    unlimited transfer order now
    Capped at 5Mbits (1600GB/month transfer)
    2 ip addresses
    no setup fee

    Colo C $249.95/month
    unlimited transfer order now
    capped at 8Mbits (2560GB/month transfer)
    4 ip addresses
    no setup fee

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    nice offer!

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    nice offer indeed! where's the datacenter at?

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    Our Datacenter located in Downtown of Chicago.

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    upstream providers?

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    our upstream provider is PSI.NET/Cogent

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    what is the case size for this offer? I got 2U and Mid-Tower servers.

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    we accept all sizes up to 4U.

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    Do you have an IP to ping/trace...?


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    you can try
    thats one of our client's ip

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    Where are you located and where will these servers be located? There are links on your web site that do not work. This doesn't give me a lot of confidence in your business.

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    How much for extra IPs if they are available?

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    Does anyone here have any experience with them? I see they recently registered on April of this year. I like the prices (definitely very good) and might be willing to take a risk, but I'd feel better if someone else could post their experience with them.

    Also, I'd like to know how much it'd cost to have a server setup without direct access to the net. For example what if I have a webserver that is connected to the net, and a mysql server that is only connected to the webserver. How much would that be?

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