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    Question DNS - is this correct?

    Here is a screen shot of my DNS settings for my "main domain" which is my name server. My DNS settings are set-up like this for the actual domain name:


    and this domain has the name servers set-up as well, it's been almost 48 hours since I set them.

    however, the domains still do not work, I can only get to my site via IP. btw, it's a semi-dedicated sever account.
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    here is a better pic:
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    If you just updated the dns servers it will take 8-72 hours for it to propogate. You also need to check with your domain registar and make sure your domain is being pointed at the proper dns.
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    I manage my own DNS settings, including name servers and I have verified the settings.

    In the past it has only taken 24 hours for my DNS changes to resolve with my ISP.

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