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    Cpanel 5.0 Reseller Question


    On a cpanel based server is it necessary for resellers to create plans before allting webspace to their clients

    As Root i am able to add domains and define quotas

    But resellers are not able to do so and it works only when they define a package and then can use th package.

    Is it supposed to be that way or i am doing something wrong.

    Have used non control panel based and plesk servers all these years , First cpanel based machine


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    That's the way cpanels reseller feature functions.

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    I'm not entirely sure of what your question is, but I believe it's just a setting in the reseller section. You should be able to add domains and define quotas if the options are set correctly.

    Try this - (if you have root on the box) login and set 'all' priveleges for the reseller. Then login as the reseller and see if it works. If it does, then it's just a matter of setting the right priveleges in the reseller setup!

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    It works fine if resource limit is not kept

    The moment i enable
    Limit Accounts phpforme can create by Resource Usage:

    XYZ MB SPACE and XYZ Mb bandwidth i have to create packages


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