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    * Your Opinions on this Design Needed!


    I am working on a new design for Netatic Technologies and I'm playing around with a few concepts. What do you think about this one:

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    --JCA Justin
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    Nice layout, just too cluttered. Space it out a bit. Overall its pretty good.
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    Like flitcher said, it's a little cluttered. I think you have too much headline text. Most of the text on the design is large type, too large in some cases. Like the "Take Control ... " area, there are too many different sizes of fonts, colors, etc. There really isn't anything for your eye to catch that is important, everything is large and screaming for attention. I think if you made certain parts larger as headers with normal sized text below, it would not be as chaotic.
    Kevin Hauge
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    Nice layout (although it could be better).

    You have a few instances of color mismatching. In other words, other color choices for the text (like the word "simply") would be recommended.

    It's usually better to stay with a consistent color mode of text, instead of a wide range of rainbow colors.

    Images or pictures would be a nice addition as well. Currently, the layout is plain and lacking in a 'friendly' environment.

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