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    Anyone ever heard of

    Good morning everyone, my name is Michael Merlina.. I work for XFweb ( ).

    Now, I'm not new at any of this.. so I know some of these offers can be ridiculous and bogus. But everytime I register one of my domains, within about a month I'll start receiving offers from

    Has anyone ever used or tried them? They offer a $20/mo plan that submits your site to 300,000+ search engines around the world. (See, that huge number seems like someone saying "a bazillion million dollars!", so it makes me weary).

    Any suggestions or help would be great!

    Thanks a lot,

    Michael Anthony Merlina

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    They are people who spam website owners via whois contact information if I am not mistaken. I always delete those e-mails on site, don't bother responding saying you don't want to be mailed either because they don't listen. I think that may be one of the reasons why GoDaddy started offering private whois information so it's not public....
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    Yes. They SPAM. They don't take you off their SPAM database.

    They SPAM you more.

    They claim you are not listed in various engines even if you are in the top 5.

    They SPAM you more.

    They don't take you off of their SPAM database.
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    Known Spammers, I have reported them many times to their ISP but they still in Spamming business.
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    Did anybody mention; they SPAM?

    I think I've gained seventy pounds from eating so much SPAM.

    Really, I wouldn't even look at anything such SPAMMERS offered.
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    It's Just spam

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    I've got a lot of mails from trafficmagnet aswel... Argh.. kill them, I hate spam

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    Dunno, but I hear they spam a lot...

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    They spam.. badly.

    As to the service they offer? Well, lets say you don't have a thing against purchasing from spammers (I never would, but lets just say you don't mind)... if their service was that great, and that groundbreaking... would they have to spam to get new clients?
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    They may sound personal... they may integrate your site into a cute graphic... but they're

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    What's Spam?

    Who is Traffic Magnet ? Why don't I get any spam from them Yeah whatever, I get at least one a day if not more and now some of my clients are sending me a copy asking if they should be worried..

    We got listed on Spamcop in error one time and we don't send out any email except replies to our support tickets and these guys send out millions and get away with it.

    My favorite spam is the ones for Viagra or the ones saying I opted in for something like free spam of the month club.

    When is this crap ever going to stop?

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    a friend keeps getting spam from offering gay vacations, even though he is straight and never subscribed. go figure =]
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    It'll probably never stop unless we all shutdown their accounts as soon as they try.
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    Originally posted by rusko
    a friend keeps getting spam from offering gay vacations, even though he is straight and never subscribed. go figure =]
    Maybe he has a secret lifestyle after 11pm

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