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    Actinic Catalog + SSL/JAVA C/C Encryption

    I am in the process of setting up Actinic Catalog for my partner as she makes and sells jewellery.

    We already have an on-line shop, but the shopping cart system is not up to much, and obviously she wishes to progress, hence the upgrade to Actinic (being able to change the shop offline is a godsend too).

    Now to the crux of the problem. Actinic can encrypt CC transactions with its own Java applet or using SSL or Shared SSL.

    I'd prefer to use the inbuilt JAVA applet to encrypt, but knowing that clean installs of IE6 do not come with the JAVA VM installed as standard, and involve a 5 Mb odd d/l from M$, which is obviously going to put customers off ordering, does anyone know if it is a common problem of not being able to order via the JAVA applet?

    I'll gladly get us an SSL cert from Trust or Verisign, but there's no point me doing that if it's not necessary.

    Anyone got any ideas? Any help with this would be gratefully received. Thanks

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    You don't mention why you would rather use the Java applet. Is it to avoid paying for an SSL certificate?

    If money isn't the issue, I would suggest going with SSL as you are opening a can of worms if your shop depends on a Java applet running on the client. There are more than a few reasons why it might not run; no JVM installed, JVM disabled, etc. At first glance it also seems like it might open a number of security issues. Never trust the client.

    Just my $0.02.
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    It's not really a money thing, although there's no point spending it unnecessarily , but I guess an SSL cert is the way to go.

    Security is not so much of an issue, as the applet encrypts to 128 bit, the same as SSL and is proven technology, but there's the added credibility of having that golden padlock showing up in your browser too.

    With cross browser/java compatibility issues, and for all of the reasons you state above, I would tend to agree with you. SSL it is then

    Thanks for your help. Much appreciated

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