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    Professional Graphic Designer/Illustrator Needed

    Hi, looking for someone to help me out in a project. I need a series of about 5 high quality images of buildings to be drawn out(vector based graphics, not photos). It's meant to be embaded in some kind of building management software. Budget is about $200-$400 for the entire project. Please show me some example of work done. I will try to find some examples and post it here.

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    I'd be interested in seeing some examples. It may be something I can take care of for you.
    Most of my design work is done in Illustrator and I have considerable experience with vector design, for print and web.
    Samples of my work are on my website.
    Laura K.
    graphic design for grownups

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    ok ... what I'm looking for is something like the facility map show on the laptop in the attached picture. So it will probably be like ...

    pic 1: show a zoom out view with 3-4 buildings
    pic 2: show a zoom in view of one of the buildings

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