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    I hate ... Looking for a new hosting company

    Man i got fooled big time ... Shouldn't ever believe the hosting companies pla pla pla tell u ask other people first ... i hope i did found this forum b4 i sign up for imhosted ....

    Their support staff doesn't exist and may be because of the time difference between us and australia, there is no one available when i am awake ... i believe there is no available even when i am asleep ....

    their uptime is a joke ... 99.9% ... loool
    Last month just in one day i was down for more than 13 hours ... i lost hundreds of dollars ...

    I caontacted them for the uptime guarantee which mentioned on their site tht i will be refunded 100% if the my uptime was less than 89%, and all the answers i got was "we will forward you refund request to the sales department and they will email you back with your status" ... i got this email 5 times so far ... I am glad they even respond back ...
    Now let's get to business,
    guys i need your help and advice ....

    Looking for an honest hosting company with these features:

    1- reliable support staff which will answer me back within 6 hours at max (reasonable time I think)

    2- 20 MB space / 20 GB transfer for $20 - $30 a month

    3- Anonymous Cpanel

    4- Linux (Linux + Windows hosing is more prefered )

    5- Reseller package which offer multihosting domains (no discount rates per account ... I mean if you host 10 sites you get 15% discount rate ...I don't want that)

    6- Cheap Personal name server (Free is prefered)

    7- Fast connectivity .... (OC-3 preffered)

    8- The company physical location is within US

    9- Dedicated Hosting available (for future plans)

    10- Fantastico available in the control panel

    Guys I really need you help and feed back ... Please help ....

    have a great day,

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    Re: I hate ... Looking for a new hosting company

    Originally posted by jshehata

    10- Fantastico available in the control panel

    What is Fantastico?

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    mchost has fantastico in their cpanel advance. i believe it is at . excellent reseller provider!

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    Re: I hate ... Looking for a new hosting company

    Originally posted by jshehata
    2- 20 MB space / 20 GB transfer for $20 - $30 a month
    You want 20 GB bandwith for 20 MB ?

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    I meant 20 GB bandwidth ...

    Guys did anyone try ???
    What do you think about it???
    What about their support?

    It seems very good especially having both windows and linux, but little bit expensive ...

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    Fantastico is an excellent auto installer, it automatically install these application on ur site with no sweat:

    OS Commerce (Shop)

    phpBB2 (forum)

    4images Gallery

    PHPauction (forum)

    PHProjekt (Groupware)

    PHP-Nuke (forum)

    Post-Nuke (forum)

    Xoops (Portal)

    phpLinks (Web catalog)

    phpWebSite (Content Management)

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    Try posting in the "Web Hosting Requests" section, plenty of providers will be happy to offer their plan to you.

    Btw has wonderful service, been with them for more than 6 months and no major issue.

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    11,844 as far as I know use H-Sphere, which make Fantastico impossible, because only works with Cpanel.

    BTW, expect to pay more than $20 for 20 GB bandwidth if you're looking for reliability, would say like $35-50
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    I suggest you do more research before choosing another host. So at least you will reduce your chances of getting burned again.

    What you can do is post a request in the requests forum and wait for the requests to flow in and then slowly filter out the ones you don't like. - Low cost multi domain hosting solutions. [Legal adult content friendly]
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