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    Help: Lost all Outlook Express emails (Inbox, Sent, Deleted)

    Hey everyone,
    I hope these types of questions can be posted in the lounge, if not Mod's please feel free to delete it.

    My computer today was acting up, it was lagging and stalling a bit. So at first I rebooted it and it was still lagging, so I shut it down. After being off for a couple mins I restarted it and left, I came back about an hour later, logged in (Win 2000) and noticed that some of my applications that were kept open had been lost. For example, I have Apache installed on my computer. When the computer logged in it could not find the ApacheMonitor file which loads at startup. I then opened up Outlook Express and ALL my emails - inbox, outbox, and deleted were GONE. Is there anyway to get them back? I've been told no because I'm on a FAT32 HD. The thing is that my computer did not lockup, it just lagged a bit, I did no force bootdowns. If you need anymore information please let me know. I hope I did not lose all the emails....

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    do a search on the hard drive for *.dbx - that will show you if they are still there or not.

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    I did that earlier today. I have the .dbx files but they are not the old ones. These are the news ones Outlook Express created after I sent an email today. Will a recovery software be able to retrieve the software? I may bring the computer into a tech shop to see if they can recover the files because i had some important emails.
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    yep, if the files that are available are not your old ones, you will need to try some undelete software - like here.

    I know there are others, but this one seems to give you a free trial, so maybe you can recover.

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