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    Hurricane Electric? Thoughts?

    Anyone ever colo'd with them? What did you think?

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    from peoples reviews around here they are excelent i hav'nt had the chance in using them but i've only heard good things.

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    I have used them last year with no problems and I currently have a server there with no problems.

    Great support when you call them as well.

    Tracy Phillips

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    Depending on how much rackspace you get, they even throw in FREE remote hands & eyes for X hours per month, instead of charging $100/hour.

    When I was quoted, I was told i'd get 8 hours per month.
    That's a pretty good deal.
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    they're real good
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    definitely good

    Definitely good. They're beginning to build out their East Coast presence a bit more, too.
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    From what we've heard over several years is that H.E. has a good reputation.

    Thank you.
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    Just thought I'd add that I found going to Fastservers instead of HE direct is actually less expensive. You get the exact same quality datacenter, but pay less for rackspace and bandwidth. I think you can find a ton of info about FS on this forum, but contacting Shane or Matt is probably quicker if you have specific questions regarding their services.

    FYI, I'm shipping my 3 Dells there this month after I get the OS and Plesk up and running


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    They are pretty good except for two things -- problem with spam and e-mail support. They host a lot of spammers and they refuse to throw them out of their network -- I've been personally spammed with porn ads from their IP space several times before and it took half a dozen of e-mails to their abuse department before it stopped, only to get the same porn spam to the same e-mail address couple of weeks later. And because of the spammers on their network, they get portions of their IP space blackholed, often getting a bunch of innocent servers cut off from the rest of the world too. Slow e-mail support is not a problem if you don't mind calling them every time you have a problem. I find it much easier to explain something in e-mail, especially if you need to include traceroute and/or ping result, so it is an issue for me.

  10. #10 has a pretty good data center going. I've heard there support can be improved at times but there network is rock solid.
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    In addition to the comments mentioned here, I would also like to add that has some of the best connectivity of any hosting provider. The peer directly at several NAPs as well as the MAEs.

  12. #12 has been nothing short of excellent for the past 2 months which we have started shifting operations to them. Compared to our previous colocation provider, they are always very professional and prompt in handling issues.

    In short, = a good choice (less the high bandwidth fees of course )
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