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    Question Limit access to stuff like PHP - how?

    I want to allow customers to have access to stuff like PHP, ASP, FrontPage access or CGI - if they pay for it!

    A customer must be able to select any combination of those features.

    How can it be done?

    I'm running Apache 1.3.26 on RedHat 7.3

    My first idea was to do it through group membership, but it seams that all the stuff run by Apache inherits it's userid and group, so I guess my idea was useless.

    Somebody, plz help...

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    Why not just offer it?

    If you want to limit it.. You'll have to take away the handlers in the global config and add them to each VirtualRoot that you want to enable it.

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    OK, thx... I never thought of that... stupid me ;-)

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    Most of all because I didn't know that I can have multiple virtualRoots

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    Read this thread:

    It's explained there.

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    I can't use normal virtual hosts - that would require that I send HUP to the httpd process each time I add or remove a customer!

    May be fine for 100 customers but not for 3000

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    Must be done somhow using mod_vhost_alias or alike

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