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    This is one more post to support VORTECH/MATRIX! So if it bothers you or you don't wanna read it you are free to go

    First of all I want to say that YES I am a client there and if anyone would like to pm me or email me about this they are welcome.

    I think WHT is a great place for us all to be able to inquire about the different companies out there. This is of unvaluable help for each one of us. I think we all agree on this.

    Now... what I do not like that much here is that when someone has a problem with whatever company and they don't get an answer from their provider "as THEY expected" then they come here to complain!! Come on.... this is not a GLOBAL SUPPORT TICKET SYSTEM for web host providers out there, hehehehe

    I think we all should try to get things resolved "at home" or else we will very soon see posts like: " my girlfried left me for another guy" or "my mom doesn't want me to wear these clothes" !!

    Guys... I understand that Matrix Reseller is doing a great job. Of course there are things that need to be polished... of course they will be adding more support staff, etc... I am very sure of that but the main thing is.... THEY ARE GREAT GUYS DOING A GREAT JOB AND REALLY SUPPORTING THEIR CLIENTS! Plus... my friends... we all are in the same boat here and we all know how difficult it is to start a company or to provide new services ... not everything works EXACTLY how planned or else we would all be geniuses like Mr. Gates, hahahahahaha!!

    I have seen some posts about Matrix in here that really made me sick! Look do you guys think that Matrix like to have their cp down or something?

    They have been pretty busy because of PSOFT doing upgrades to the v2.3 of the H-SPHERE control panel but hey... no downtime whatsoever for the sites I have there!!!

    So... please be serious and do your laundry at home

    (I allow complaints about this post but hey... don't start writting support tickets about this in your web host support system )
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    If you're addressing previous posts, this should have been posted to another thread, as there isn't to much to discuss about your opinion of what they need or how they are, and about others' posts about them.

    Please put this together with the thread or posts you are talking about. - Where professionals discuss web hosting.

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