View Poll Results: Would you be willing to pay up to $15-20 per month for helpdesk?

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  • Yes, I would be interested.

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  • No, I would only consider free options, or I require the script be on my server.

    13 81.25%
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    * HelpDesk Service

    With the problems encountered in some of the more popular free helpdesk scripts, and the outrageous cost of others, I wanted to get a feel for something...

    If some created a helpdesk that had better features and was superior to most scripts on the market (i.e. integrated chat - similar to livePerson, ability to capture screenshots, ability to attach files, etc...), would most people be willing to pay a monthly fee to have this hosted on another server? In other words, you would paste a bit of code on your side for the client side helpdesk piece, and then you would have either a web interface to service your clients, or even an executable.

    The idea is to offer different levels of service, the top level being that we support the clients for you...

    I don't have pricing, but how many people would be willing to pay up to $15-20 (supporting your own clients)?

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    I can only speak for myself but I don't want my helpdesk hosted by someone else than me.

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    If you support the clients for us for $15 / Mo. then yea.

    No really I would possibly consider this.

    I think you would also need to provide the option of hosting the software on our own servers.

    Good Luck!

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    Hmmm...guess I should have put a 3rd option of "Yes, if it was hosted on my server."...Would that get more votes? Or is cost still a major factor?

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    It strikes me that I'd rather be able to handle support queries myself without having to rely on the uptime of a server I don't control.

    Just my opinion,

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    Originally posted by eldar
    Hmmm...guess I should have put a 3rd option of "Yes, if it was hosted on my server."...Would that get more votes? Or is cost still a major factor?
    I voted no for that reason. While I agree that it's a good thing to host support on a server that's off network, I don't think it would be feasable (for us) to have someone else in control of that server. (or anything else on the server, for that matter)

    We wouldn't be your target, I guess, anyway, since we are developing our own support system that's tailored specifically for our needs, but I would be much more interested in considering your product if it was on a server run by us.

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    I may create a new thread (since I can't modify my poll) to include the 3rd option...
    The reason for running it on our servers, is that it is a .NET application, and I know most people including myself primarily use Unix/Linux...

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