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    What is "excessive resource usage"?

    We have been warned that our site is exceeding our hosts set policies for resource usage and using over 40% of the memory on the shared server. The site is popular and is causing the Apache server to crash every 3 hours.

    We are very happy with our host and really would like to stay put. But, I am not clear on what is causing the excessive resource usage. I'm hoping those of you who know about servers can guide me.

    Is it downloads and pageviews that cause excessive usage of resources? Is it cgi processes? Both? Do you think daily rotating access to parts of the site might help? Is there a way to restrict the number of visitors at any time to a site to avoid these problems? I don't want to go through changing the site to only find out it didn't do any good.

    Any insight into the cause of these types of problems would help me determine the course of action.


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    Most likely cgi-scripts. Did your host indicate which program is causing the problem? If you have SSH access you can find out yourself by running top.

    By the way, you have a very nice host if you make his server crash every 3 hours and your site still has not been taken offline.

    Just wanted to make sure you know to appreciate that

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    I do appreciate my host! Which is why I don't want to change. And why I'd like to resolve this problem so they don't kick me out!

    I ran top but it's all Greek to me. Most of the time CPU usage is around 6% but shoots up at times to 19% (mysql), and memory is hanging around anywhere from .2 to 5%. Are these acceptable numbers? Why am I seeing mysql commands and user when we don't have any databases? What should I look for to tell me what I can change to reduce resources?

    Again, any insights would be most welcome.

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    Why don't you list what you do have running?
    Message board - what kind?
    guest book - what kind?
    any php proggys?
    Or post the "top" results.
    I am suprised your host hasn't told you what was the biggest resource suckage is.
    Also if you have no, dbs, running, you should go through your files and look for files you may not have put there.
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    Hey, we've had clients with the same problem email your host and tell him to limit your accounts resource usage, this will slow your scripts down some but his server won't overload and you won't have to move

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    how do you limit a accounts resource usage anyways? - free automatic linking to your website

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    Thanks for the suggestion, LCH. I've emailed the host and they have done something to limit the resource our account uses. We'll monitor things for a couple of days and see how it goes.

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    Resources are defined as bandwidth and/or processor utilization. Some web hosting companies may immediately terminate those accounts which is found to be monopolizing the resources available.

    I believe this policy is only implemented in extreme circumstances and is intended to prevent.
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