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    Need host recommendations: PHP, fast server, dependable service...

    I've been with PHPWebhosting for the last year or so, and over the last four months it's been a nightmare. I had a UBB board that began getting Internal Server Errors to the point where it would drive you insane trying to surf my board. The tech staff told me it was a problem with server resources being overused, and that they were doing their best to track down the problem. That was around early August. To this day nothing has been done. I've emailed countless times, and all they've said to me is "we're working on it". I tried using a PHP board, thinking that might work better since it wasn't CGI, but now I get horrible lagging and DNS errors instead of ISE's. I finally emailed them and said basically, "Please move me to another server so i don't have to deal with this anymore, or I'm cancelling my account". It's been five days and I've gotten NO response. Wonderful, wonderful customer service, I'll tell ya.

    Anyway, I'm looking for a host that offers PHP (enough to run a vBulletin board with modest traffic), but one that has an excellent record for performance and customer service. Price range $10-$20 a month. And a good control panel facility. Any suggestions?


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    Yeah, I second that. Good move loosing UBB for vB - far nicer on the server load, which in turn will allow you to expand your community 'further for less'
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