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    Angry Really bad experience with Penhost Inc. (Penhost = Erboy)


    I am new to these forums and i want to share with you my VERY BAD experience with Penhost Inc. (; their website not available now).

    This company is owned by Mr. Huseyin Sumer, who is also the owner of (,

    On 31 December 2001 I signed up for an account with their company; it was a cheap hosting that suited my needs. The domain of my account is

    [At that moment, when i filled in the forms, i knew almost nothing about domains, and i thought that I would be the owner of my domain although Penhost was going to register it.]

    My account was setup correctly in a day. But, several months after that, in two opportunities, my webpage went out of service for several days WITHOUT ANY NOTICE from them!. When i emailed them, they briefly told me that they had changed their servers. And each time, after they changed servers, when finally my homepage appeared again online, it was a BLANK homepage so i had to complained to them about my files.

    But what is happening now is worse than that. Since A LOT OF days, my webpage is not working at all, and i cannot contact Penhost because their webpage is not available and their DNS servers do not work.

    I have performed a whois search and i have realized that "my" domain is not mine. Penhost is the registrant, and they are the administrative contact.

    I have paid one year of webhosting to Penhost, my page is not working and i cannot transfer my domain to another company because Penhost is the owner of the domain (is there anything i can do to solve the problem?)

    In conclusion:
    - Never, never, never sign up for an account neither at Penhost Inc. (if it continues to exist... ) nor at Erboy (same owner...same servers...)

    - For newbies like me : before registering a domain, be sure that YOU will be the owner.

    I apologize for my bad english.

    Kind regards,

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    I feel sorry for you that they stole your domain name, sadly enough there is nothing you can do unless they release the domain name or it expires. I would report them to, but not sure what that will help.
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    I see now that both Penhost and Erboy are no longer on-line. Must have collapsed. I almost signed up with Penhost, too. Maybe that's a lesson in not going for the great deals offerred by young companies?

    Did you get your domain name back? I don't see on-line, either.

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