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    for the experts here : please advice a good reseller with this specifications ::

    Hi Guys

    first of all i hope this thread is in the right place..

    i've realy tried to search alot in this incradible forum...

    but i'm still considered a newbie and i don't want to get decived..

    all i want fro you guys please to tell me honost sites to begin my own WebBiz. with this spec.

    - CPanel/WHM
    - as largest Bandwidth as possible
    - the storage same as above
    - Of-Course the *most* important thinf the price per/month
    - private Name server ... i mean to have my own

    if thier is any other tips/tricks then i'll be more than gratfull for your help...

    thanx alot

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    You are free to go with cheapest account but remember that you will get what you paid for.

    If you want a good service far from headaches you can go with VO (venturesonline).

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    Do a search for various places that offer what you are looking for, then visit their sites, see what they have to offer and for how much, do a comparison of products. Then email them all. Hit them with a list of specific questions. Gather all your information together, pick the top 3 or 4 you are leaning towards, come back here do more searches on them, and then ask for people's imput on them.

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