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Thread: Real-time whois

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    Real-time whois

    I was told by a self-proclaimed "knowledgeable" GoDaddy support staff that the whois at is real-time, which apparently is NOT. There ain't no real-time whois out there, and the registry itself only updates whois only twice a day. Correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks.
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    I always take information from support personal with a (huge) grain of salt.

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    What do you mean by real-time whois?

    The whois is a distributed database, hosted by each registrar for their respective domains.

    If you are trying to check to see if a domain has been registered, the whois "system" is not the system to use. You need to query the registry directly - and many domain registrars do this with their registration tools. Some do not - going first against their own copy of the database - but many do.

    If you mean you want to look up any changes to a domain, or new registrations immediately, you'll need to use the actual whois database service at the registrar where the domain is registered.

    If you register a new domain with OpenSRS for instance, the whois service at OpenSRS will _generally_ show the information in real time. There are exceptions to this rule, however the intent is for the data to be updated immediately and it's generally done.

    If you want to query crsnic to find out where a given domain is registered, you will have to wait until the registry updates this, which is twice a day for the CNO domains.

    .Info, .biz and some others are real time, but CNO is not.

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    I am correcting you.

    It is realtime... means instant.

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