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    ''WHOOPS! We deleted your website by mistake!'' - Telstra

    UPDATE Friday | Many people have pointed out that they got a copy of the Telstra email without the offer to refund their monthly fee. It appears that Telstra sent out two versions of the email -- one with the offer and one without. Whirlpool assumes Telstra is only refunding the monthly fee of customers whose websites were actually deleted.
    UPDATE | Michael Herskope, of Telstra's PR, told AustralianIT: "Not that we're hiding behind this, but the terms and conditions do say that the customer should keep a back-up copy." Ahh, the good old terms and conditions excuse dredged up for another run.
    Telstra has managed to exceed the magnitude of its previous stuff ups, this time managing to delete customer websites from its Bigpond Broadband web hosting servers.

    Naturally, Telstra deflected the blame to "the software we use to manage Telstra BigPond Web Personal accounts " (not the lack of an adequate back up system for example, hint hint Telstra).

    Fortunately in the case of most websites, there is usually a copy stored locally on the user's computer, but customers who uploaded a website some time ago and have since deleted the source files, or who use their Bigpond web space for storage of files, can wave goodbye to that data, it appears.

    Telstra is refunding a month's subscription fee to broadband subscribers who are affected by the problem and according to their email, they "thank you for your continued membership of Telstra BigPond." We bet they do.

    The full email from Telstra is contained in the article continuation.

    Dear Telstra BigPond Member,

    A problem in the software we use to manage Telstra BigPond Web Personal accounts has caused the information loaded to your "Web Personal" website to be lost.

    If you have a backup copy of your website saved to your computer or CD, you will be able to re-load your webpage now. If you have already re-loaded your website since Thursday, March 28th no further action is required.

    In recognition of this inconvenience, we will be providing you with a credit on your BigPond subscription fee for one month, which will appear on your next Telstra BigPond bill.

    Please be assured that the software problem has not affected any of our other web hosting facilities.

    Should you require technical assistance please contact Telstra BigPond technical support on 133 933.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your continued membership of Telstra BigPond.

    Yours Sincerely,
    The Telstra BigPond Team

    (TM) Trade Mark of Telstra Corporation Limited ABN 33 051 775 556
    Found that news... on the net.. thought it might be interesting to the others

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    Originally posted by :: paVel ::
    Found that news... on the net.. thought it might be interesting to the others
    Maybe it was, once, but...
    Thursday, March 28th really isn't any more.
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    perl -le '$_=`man perlfaq1`;print/"(j.*)"/'
    It looks as if's keen-o-meter (tm) has fallen short.
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    When is the nightmare going to end?

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