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    Cool New Employment site, please review

    Hello All,

    I recently put together and have launched a new employment website aimed at tech professionals, programmers and web designers etc..

    please let me know what you think of the site and design.

    thank you very much


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    not a bad looking site.....I thought the overall design concept was pretty good.......

    use of color was also pretty good.......The only thing I didnt really like was the banner in the header.....The site would be a lot cleaner without it, but I realise it has its purposes.......

    apart from that, perhaps some coconuts used as part of your branding could be a nice touch.........


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    I was thinking the same thing.. Coconuts may be smart to incorporate in there . .. Maybe on some of the ad banners or your company logo you could use a coconut as an "O" .. again just an idea

    overall layout is pretty nice, pretty easy to read for the most part..

    and those people are really beginning to scare the hell outta me :\ hehe

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