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    ##### eNom Reseller Account - $6.99/year #######

    eNom Reseller Account

    You can buy domains for just $6.99/year

    for more details

    Natalie W
    COO, theHosteXpress

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    Setup $30.


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    Can you tell me what makes your service better than say And really anyone and chime in on that...we have been looking into being able to resell domains.

    Thanks guys!

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    For just one time setup fee of $29.99 you can sell domains for $6.99 for life which includes hottest .US TLD

    You get all features of eNom and you yourself may create sub-accounts- so what else !

    You get complete control of your eNom reseller account and need not to depend on us at any stage.


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    Ok, what happens if you quit your business - will that affect your resellers in any way. On the otherhand, what happens if a reseller of your's wants to be on his own and get an account at enom - can he then transfer all domains to his new account?

    Just curious.

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    Many people, I came across has this doubt.

    Please note even if I close down my business, your reseller account will not get affected in any way. You can still conduct business your way.

    Also once you change your reseller account password. We have no access to your account and cannot tranfer yours domains to our account without your permissions.

    (I have got it verified by enom regarding two above points)


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    You are able to raise the prices of your resellers without their knowledge or approval.

    This is a good reason for people to be very careful whom they choose to be their parent reseller.
    Want to sell domain names? Sign up today for an reseller account from a trusted eNom ETP provider.
    * We provide support and service to over 3245 happy eNom domain name and SSL certificate resellers!

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