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    One of our 2 T3 Links to WorldCom is down. the one that Routes through Chicago is fine but the one through Cleaveland is not working.

    WorldCom Contacted us and told us they are Experincing outages accross the US

    We have Multiple Connections but almost 2 hours is BS

    anyone else have any Trouble?


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    maybe they ran out of money

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    WCOM/UUNET is currently experiencing major connectivity issues across the US today. Call your local NOC for more info; master ticket numbers are:

    Analogue Circuits (T1/T3): 651744

    Digital Circuits (DS/OC): 651751

    [edit: ticket number typo]
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    Thanks for the Post We have Digital Circuts they are Sill being Very Flaky at 10:27am CST

    Well at least the Chicago link is Active

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    We're having the same problem as well, our main connections are up but routes from other Tier 1 providers are not always connecting. According to them there were upwards from 7 to 50 downed routers.
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    The circuit inconsistencies appear to be an IBGP routing protocol issue.

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    When WorldComm first started having problems my T1 in Oklahoma had not one, not two, but three timeouts spanning anywhere from five to thirteen hours.

    We received nice credit for the time lost, but it was completely unacceptable as we lost a few colo's.

    We have since then moved everything from our Oklahoma location to our racks in the CIT datacenter.

    All is well now.
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    Below is an article for all those who are interested in knowing what type of disaster it would be to have WCOM/UUNET turn it's fiber off.

    Today's outage only affected parts of the US, a worldwide outage would be catastrophic.

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    The most informative place around concerning network related issues. With over 200,000 (?) members, someone is bound to know something

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    jeeze you people are out of touch. NANOG is north american network operators group.

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    WorldCom Seems Stable for the last 24 Hours

    They have a problem like this about once Every 18 months Oh Well they are Still the Best I have Found as Far as Reliable and Can't Beat their Support. they are Pricy but Hey We Depend on them.


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    perl -le '$_=`man perlfaq1`;print/"(j.*)"/'
    So far so good.
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