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    Control Panels and Subdomains

    Hey guys,

    My server is available to me from tomorrow, and I'm looking into different control panels. Previously, I've used CPanel on my shared hosting site - the site has since grown and we're moving to a dedicated server to satisfy our needs.

    CPanel allowed me to create subdomains and give them virtual FTP access to their own area /home/mysite/public_html/theirsite/. Unfortunately, I can't afford CPanel, so I'm looking into free control panels. Webmin, SimpleCP and Web://cp are all systems I'm looking into, but the demos and documentation don't make it clear what I can do. In SimpleCP, for example, I can create a subdomain, then create a user - if I create the user with the same name as the subdomain, does that grant it virtual FTP access to that subdomain area only?

    Webmin seems a bit more complicated to setup, and I'm currently reading through their mailing lists to see what I can do with it.

    Which, if any, of these control panels offers this capability, or have I missed any other panels out?


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    Hi. Well in simplecp, you can map the subdomain to any directory in the customers website. So for example, if they make a username called "bobuser", you can point a subdomain called "" or "" to: /home/sites/ and then bobuser can only access his directory and thats where the subdomain points. the subdomain and username dont have to match though, you can point to /home/sites/
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    Thanks a lot. Got it installed and running smoothly

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